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Smart Dog Tags - Pet ID Tags

Smart Dog Tags

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  1. Pet Widget Web/GPS NFC QR Code Enabled Smart Pet ID Tag With Free APP and Pet Profile (Blush)


    What Is It?

    The Pet Widget badge serves both as an on-demand identification resource and fashion accessory for your pet. As a key source of information, this lightweight, waterproof tag is an indispensable accessory. Designed to empower pet owners with the ability to control the information displayed on the profile whenever, wherever.

    Utilising Near Field Communication (NFC) and QR technology, badge can be easily attached to regular collars. Once linked to pets' profiles created in the Pet Widget app, it can significantly ease the process of reuniting lost pets with their families. Whenever a badge is scanned, or if its unique ID is entered on with any web browser, the person who finds the lost pet will have quick access to critical information, and will be able to contact its owner immediately. The Pet Widget badge will also alert anxious owners through the app to show the last location where a lost pet’s badge was scanned.


    Weight - 6g (with ring)
    Diameter - 23mm 
    Material - NFC chip coated with hard epoxy encased within a metal housing

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4 Item(s)