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PETNOVO - WEB/GPS QR CODE With APP Smart Pet Tag Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag - 2 IN 1 - Personalized Traditional Tag + Smart Pet Tag (Round)

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PETNOVO - WEB/GPS QR CODE With APP Smart Pet Tag Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag - 2 IN 1 - Personalized Traditional Tag + Smart Pet Tag (Round)

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PETNOVO - WEB/GPS QR CODE With APP Smart Pet Tag Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag - 2 IN 1 - Personalized Traditional Tag + Smart Pet Tag



Let that sink in for a bit.

 There is a good chance your pet could get lost. And without ID, it will almost never make it home.

 We think this is terrible, and we wanted to do something about it.

 So, we created Badge.


What Is It

badge is a QR code enabled Smart pet ID tag, which is linked to pet profiles created in the Pet Widget app. badge and its features are designed and developed to help lost pets reunite with their families. Pets' data are securely stored in the cloud, there are no subscription fees, pets' information can be accessed 24/7, owners can offer rewards, and are in full control of the information presented in their pets' online profile with the free Pet Widget app

How Does It Work

If a pet with a badge is ever lost, the person who finds the lost pet only requires a smartphone to scan the unique QR code to access the relevant information to help the pet find home. There is even a scanned location log to help owners narrow down the search for their lost pet! Each badge is unique, and once a link with a pet profile is established, the owner can configure the pet's online identification details using the Pet Widget app. Please refer to the User Guide for instructions on how to get started using your badge.


This 2-in-1 Pet Tag gives you the option to personalize the front like a traditional pet tag, and have the functionality of a Smart Tag on the back. The best of both worlds! This Smart Pet Tag serves both as an on-demand identification resource and fashion accessory for your pet. As a key source of information, it’s an indispensable accessory. Designed to empower pet owners with the ability to control the information displayed on the profile whenever, wherever.
This Smart Pet Tag with QR technology can be easily attached to regular collars. Once linked to pets' profiles created in the Pet Widget app, it can significantly ease the process of reuniting lost pets with their families. Whenever a badge is scanned, or if its unique ID is entered on with any web browser, the person who finds the lost pet will have quick access to critical information, and will be able to contact its owner immediately. The system will also alert anxious owners through the app to show the last location where a lost pet’s badge was scanned.


At the lost pet’s Badge profile, a rescuer can call you directly from

any smartphone with just one tap, and view crucial information like

your pet’s allergies, or other needs.

You will receive a notification within seconds with a pinned location,

so you know that your furry pal has been found, and more importantly,

Get Directions to navigate to their location instantly.



Do rescuers need the Pet Widget App to scan a Badge?

 - No. Rescuers can retrieve the lost pet’s Badge profile with any smartphone. This can be done via QR code, or any web browser.

I bought a Badge, how should I set it up?

 - Included in the packaging is a link to the most updated online user guide, which walks you through the setup process and main features. Here it is again, just in case: Download User Guide

I can’t seem to link my Badge. Help!

 - Don’t panic. There could be a number of reasons for this. Let us know, describing your particular situation in more detail, and we will help. You can do so via the contact form below. Information regarding your device model, operating system version, and Pet Widget app version would be extremely helpful to us in assisting you.

Why can’t I see where my dog is right now?

 - The Pet Widget Badge is designed to be a true failsafe against the loss of your pet. To do this we had to ensure that it could be operated under as many circumstances as possible. By choosing not to include active GPS tracking, and using scanning technology instead, we eliminated the need for batteries and charging, while still retaining the ability to deliver a detailed profile as well as provide useful location information when it is needed most.

How do I access “Last Scanned Locations”?

 - You can view your pet’s badge’s last scanned location by navigating to your pet’s ‘Badge Profile’ page, and tapping on the ‘Last Scanned Locations’ button.

For a more detailed view, or to navigate to any last scanned location, tap on the desired map thumbnail in the log to launch your preferred map app.



• Traditional Pet Tag on Front

• Smart Pet Tag on Back

• Lifetime lasting metal

• Permanent Engraving text

• Stainless Steel Enclosed split ring

• Size:1.4 inches x 1.2 inches. 3.6cm x 3.1cm. Thickness: 0.046" (1.17 mm)


  Made in the USA.

Additional Information

Made In The USA Yes

Customer Reviews

QR Code Doesn't Work Review by Jake
The tag is decent and the engraving is easily read, but the QR code doesn't work. The problem is, when you use your phone to read the QR code, the camera ends up seeing itself in the reflection. This makes the QR code completely out of focus. You can sometimes get it to read with perfect conditions and tons of finagling, but someone that finds your lost dog isn't going to go through that effort. (Posted on 1/5/2019)

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