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Service Dog ID Tags (Round) (Set of 2)

Service Dog ID Tags (Round) (Set of 2)

Product Review (submitted on February 15, 2019):
The reviews seemed good enough to pull the trigger and pony up a 5 spot for the tag. I was pleased that the tag came rather quickly, the text was accurate, and it fit very well on my dog's 1" collar. This tag is around the neck of a 1 year old, very active and rather large German Shepherd. He isn't gentle with it and it has seen hours of play time with another dog who is an equally active/rough player.

The printing is definitely easy to read, but the black against the silver can cause a little contrast issue. I saw that as a non-issue because if my dog gets out, I imagine the person who might find him will take a second to look at the collar and see the engraved phone number and chip #.

The photo shows a pretty filthy tag, but it also shows a nice tight fit. The tag is THIN. This hasn't been an issue, but I do know that similar tags for twice the price are slightly thicker. It doesn't move at all on the quick release nylon collar I have it on. The collar itself is properly fitted and the tag seems to rest fine against my dog's neck. He doesn't appear bothered by it nor am I concerned about the lack of curvature of the tag. I can see why it might be important on smaller dogs.

I'm about to order another tag, size small, for a 45 pound very short haired dog. I'm hoping it is as comfortable to her as this one is to my shepherd. I don't know how long the tag will hold up, but the engraving seems deep enough that even if the black paint (or whatever it is) comes off, the tag can still be legible enough to provide enough information if my dog decides to venture out on his own one day.