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Pet Tags | Custom Pet ID Tags for Dogs, Cat Tags & Collars - Pettags

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Aluminum Pet Tags (Heart)

Aluminum Pet Tags (Heart)

Product Review (submitted on March 22, 2019):
I got the round ones in bulk for indoor/outdoor cats who lose a lot of the break-away collars so I needed several extra tags. Since they are for dogs, of course they are huge on my kitties (think Flavor Flav) --but even the 7-pound cat doesn't mind it at all. (It's been a while since I got them, but perhaps it was either an issue of better cost or larger surface area bc I wanted to put on 2 phone numbers--I honestly cannot recall why I chose these after all.), Also, I figure that from a FAR distance, neighbors can see that these cats belong to someone who vaccinates/neuters and they are not stray cats. Added benefit--since I use collars with bells, the extra jingling of the giant tag makes it that much harder for them to sneak up on our lovely local bird population. Two years in, I still have a few remaining from my original order--but when my cats eventually lose them all, I will get more. Oh, and yes also GREAT for dogs! :)