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Stainless Steel Pet Tags (Slide-On)

Stainless Steel Pet Tags (Slide-On)

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2019):
I was so excited about these. My cat goes through collars really quickly. The riveted tag I bought at PetSmart was perfect, but I had to throw it out with the collar once the collar was shot despite the tag still being in fine shape. So, I really like the idea of these tags. The printing is large and clear and seems likely to hold up well. The tags are flat but thin enough to bend relatively easily. Edges are not as smooth as they could be. The big problem is that even the small size is much too large for a cat collar. The description stated that the small size is intended to fit a 1/2” collar. The collars I bought are .4”. That's a little smaller than 1/2”, I grant, but these tags are so loose, I don't trust them to stay on.