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Stainless Steel Pet Tags (Slide-On)

Stainless Steel Pet Tags (Slide-On)

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2019):
We like this. Fairly ease to put on his collar, and unique. At least I have never seen one on a dog before. I really like the fact his ID doesn't hang and clang around.

2 concerns:
If he gets out, I worry that because it's not a conventional tag, someone may look right over it. I also wonder how much force it'd take for the prongs to come loose if he gets it caught on something and tries to rip free. As of now, we have the Whistle 3 tracker Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor on his collar, so with that on, the tag doesn't have room to slide. He's only 8 weeks (German Shepherd), so his neck is no where close to the size it'll eventually be. Then, the tag may slide around.

Also, as others have stated, it comes as a flat piece of metal. I worked pretty hard to put a semblance of a bend in it, since his neck is not flat. Once we go up to the largest size, I doubt I'll be able to bend it smoothly.

The text is sharp.
It's been on for just 7 days now, so I don't have any idea how durable it'll prove to be.