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Swarovski Crystals Pet Tags (Bone)

Swarovski Crystals Pet Tags (Bone)

Product Review (submitted on January 23, 2019):
I literally spoil all my animals rotten. I have a 3 1/2 year old Siberian who owns about 20 different collars and 12-14 harnesses. I also have a 4 month old Siberian who is now up to about 8 collars and 5 harnesses (so far!). As well as 2 cats. I've always wanted to get my babies tags for their collars but I'm not about to pay $20.00 for a tag that's just gonna say their name that I already know. Now that I have came across this company I've bought a total of 12 so far and am putting in another order very soon! Super affordable. Great quality. I'm getting a tag for each dog and cats collar so I don't have to constantly struggle to take them off the rings each time I change collars which is usually every 2-3 days! Lol. I do have quick change tag connectors for all the rabies tags but at $3.50 for a tag connector they get expensive. I definitely recommend these tags. I haven't been disappointed yet and I've ordered ALOT of different styles and colors. I plan on ordering way more since I have about 50 different collar/harnesses that need tags (: I'm only posting the ones that don't show my info but there's tons more!