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Stainless Steel Pet Tags (Bone)

Stainless Steel Pet Tags (Bone)

Product Review (submitted on February 5, 2019):
Update: I've had this for my lil Bear now 6 months and it's still good to go. I thought the lettering would scratch off or become unreadable, but it's still there. So for the price, I think it deserves the upgrade to 4 stars.


You really do get what you pay for, so don't expect something really super quality here, at under $4 including shipping.

To that end, I am divided about how I want to present my review on these dog tags. On the one hand, the tag with the paw print is awfully cute, and with the engraving on the back, under $4, is pretty cheap. And I guess that's where the problem lies. Something this inexpensive (and no shipping costs, so that include the shipping), can't 'afford' to use quality processes or products. It is what it is. That said, this product has its merits-really cute, lightweight, and the no shipping costs is a plus (it arrives in a regular sized envelope).

The tag itself is stainless steel - thin but that's good because it won't add much weight. The paw print design is sweet. It came with the loop to attach it. There was plenty--I mean Plenty!-- of room on the back of the tag to put my name, phone, my dog's name, and the city/state (photos below - I of course blocked out my phone!). I realize now I didn't need all information; I guess I got carried away!

But after only about a week of my dog 'wearing' this tag, the black part of the engraving is rubbing off or wearing off (photo below). This leaves just the impression - which I'm not that upset about - isn't necessarily a bad thing; I can still read it, but it's rather light. I'll only wonder if the engraving part will wear away - especially as it rubs against his "rabies tag."

For this price, you do get just what you pay for, and if you are looking for an inexpensive tag for your pet or something temporary, then this fits that. I'm going to see how it wears over the next few weeks and if the engraving fades or is hard to read, I'll purchase something else and pay more for it. Actually, I'll look at the company and see if they have more of these but better quality ones - I'll gladly pay more for that - as I'll likely want to do one with less information on the back :D and something a little smaller perhaps.

I don't regret this purchase - for the money, I received something that if I decide I want something else, at under $4 including shipping it didn't break my bank and it allowed me to experiment with what I want to use as tags for my dog.