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Pet Tags | Custom Pet ID Tags for Dogs, Cat Tags & Collars - Pettags

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Aluminum Pet Tags (Star)

Aluminum Pet Tags (Star)

Product Review (submitted on July 19, 2019):
My dog is not microchipped and I have no intention of having it done. I’m paranoid. You can call me a crackpot if you want, but I don’t think Big Brother needs to be able to track my dog. I had 6 dogs in my life – some of them before microchipping even existed and others before it became the thing to do. All of them wore a tag with their name and phone number and none of them ever went missing. If it worked for them, it will work for my dog now.

I wanted a good tag that would stay securely on her collar. I wanted to be able to read it clearly for at least a couple years. (At this price, I’m willing to replace the tag that often.) I wanted it to be a reasonable size for my 9 ½ pound Chihuahua. And I wanted it to be pink to match everything else she owned. So far this tag seems to be pretty terrific, though I can’t tell how long the writing is going to last. The other tags are beating against the back of it pretty badly. You can see the picture to show how much abuse it’s taken in roughly a month. (The phone number is intentionally blurred out in the picture. That is not damage.) But, honestly, with multiple metal tags banging against each other constantly I don’t know how much I can really complain on that front. I’ve considered buying a rubber piece to put on the rabies tag and keep them from banging together so much. That would probably save the writing, so something you may consider.

Something else I wanted to point out… this company is awesome with personalizing the tags. I sent a special message asking them to split the engraving up with Line 1 (her name) on the front and everything else on the back. They exceeded my expectations by a mile! They enlarged her name and put it on two lines. (Her name is Dixie Belle, so this was a terrific idea and not some weird chopping of her name or anything.) Her tag is super easy to read now, so a person could see her name and call to her when she was still afraid of them. The tag actually looks much better than I expected. Between the price and the service, I can’t imagine buying future tags anywhere else.

I will update this review if the writing becomes illegible in an unreasonably short period of time or if the tag were to break.

All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. I have shared my personal experience with this product and cannot guarantee that you will have the same experience with the product that I had, nor can I promise that we will share the same opinion of the product.