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Pet Tags | Custom Pet ID Tags for Dogs, Cat Tags & Collars - Pettags

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Enamel Pet Tags Round Pirate Cat

Enamel Pet Tags Round Pirate Cat

Product Review (submitted on March 8, 2019):
First off - we didn’t put this tag on our family dog, but instead on our daughter’s plushie dog. Our daughter has a penchant for losing things, and recently she almost lost her beloved plush dog while on one of our family’s vacations. Luckily, we found the plush after a day, but it was one long night before we could locate that toy. To avoid having an incident like that again, we decided to put some type of identification on the plush, just in case someone would find it if she misplaced it again. The tag took a little less than two weeks to arrive and I was really surprised to see how good quality this tag is. The tag is about the size of a quarter and just a few mm thicker. The engraving was clean, the crown image and coloring on the opposite side was nicely done, and the tag has a overall nice feel to it. The lettering is slightly more deeply engraved than the “quick make” tags at the pet store and looks like it would not get worn off as quickly. I was so impressed with the speed and quality of the tag that I will likely be upgrading my own dog’s tag with one of these. These are cheaper than getting done in a pet store and much higher quality - I will definitely be buying more tags in the future.